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Re: UPDATE: Ultimate Miter-Saw Stand -- And the Winner is...

I bought the Rigid 12" sliding compound miter saw and stand.
While the saw works OK the stand is junk. Both extension arms sag and twist when extended (one has a leg support that pulls out from inside) and the rollers are setup so that only half the roller is in front of the saw fence line. All of the places that a screw knob is used seem to be very flimsy. It's a 12" saw I didn't buy it to cut 2" clam-shell trim!

There are two arms that extend so you can help the stand elevate. These are constantly in the way if you move the stand without folding it up first. The solid rubber tires work good on plywood floors but not so well in the dirt.

None of these stands are light and that's ok they have wheels. If you can't get a piece of wood to lay flat when resting on the extensions, the stand is useless.