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Re: Poupou the cabinetmaker

MAN who is kidding who?

Re: Timber-Frame Challenge: We Have Our Winner

I would love to see the details on the construction of the joints on this. Is there any way we can see published details of these joints..................Outstanding work.

Re: Play Fine Homebuilding's Game "The Inspector"

Dumb Luck and a good hint on the last two items. The register to keep pipes from freezing was way too obvious, but it is something I could expect from home grown solutions or Quick Fixes often seen. At least this was not a fire hazard. The uninsulated pipes were something I do not run into much on the west coast.

Re: Saying Goodbye to Norm Abram and his New Yankee Workshop

Norm has been a great source of inspiration tome as a woodworker for many years. Unfortunately I was not able to receive his show on PBS for many years due to local programming issues but those I had succeeded in taping became my own library of projects. We no longer have wood shop in many of our high schools, and as a result there are fewer teachers that exemplify the love of craft and understanding of how to teach that craft. Norm was that teacher, mentor, friend................. With this closing of "school", we will loose another of our prized "High School Shop Teachers", one who went far beyond a single classroom to teach us all. I will miss him greatly.
Please keep his shows available for down load so his legacy can be passed on for years to come.