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Kitchen of mass reconstruction

Kitchen of mass reconstruction

My Wife and I Bought a 1923 2 + 1 California Bungalow in need of a lot of love. With some elbow grease and the help of FHB we tackled the kitchen first. Peeled through 5 layers of linolium no...

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Re: UPDATE: Ultimate Miter-Saw Stand -- And the Winner is...

This is what a stand needs to be: Lite, durable, functional and reasonably priced

Lite: Made of aircraft aluminum with 1 button collapsing and opening like a baby stroller.

Durable: welded joint construction like a track bike

functional: Large airless tires on the back (bottom) if in "hand truck" mode so an errant nail doesn't give you a flat, and slightly smaller lockable front steering tires when in "horse" mode. you should be able to push it against the back of your truck and have it collapse and slide like an ambulance gerny. There should be an integrated flip-up dry-erase story pole on the collapsable out feed arms. There should be quick release locking pins on all movable parts and it should have a screw hole pattern that universally fits most Miter saws.

Priced affordable: no more then $150