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Re: UPDATE: Ultimate Miter-Saw Stand -- And the Winner is...

I currently have a Dewalt 12" compound miter saw with a Dewalt aluminum stand. What I do like about it was it is fairly stable and sturdy for its light weight and has long outfeeds.

What I don't like outweighs what I do. Those dislikes include: Legs are not sturdy enough to handle side sliding of the stand without significant chattering and worry that the stand will be damaged and there are no wheels - more sturdy legs and/or some sort of caster or glide system on the bottom of the feet allowing omni-directional movement of the stand would be interesting; the outfeeds are long but sag badly with heavy stock on them, a real downer when I was working on our timber frame this summer and was using this saw for "smaller members"; outfeed heads need to be moved from main stand table to outfeed outriggers - separate outfeed supports would be much better; when my Dewalt 12" saw is on the stand, the stand is highly imbalanced, being back heavy and is very hard to move, even with two people, needing to counter-balance the saw and stand with pressure on the front of the stand - balance, balance, balance; the fold up stop blocks on the outfeeds are terrible. They have a small amount of wiggle in them and I never am able to trust them.

In conclusion, I am thinking of a new stand and ... a new saw. That Axial-Glide Bosch looks just about right for all the finish work I have coming up for the next two or three years.