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Re: How to Remove an Old Kitchen Sink That Won't Sit Flat on Your Countertop

Well that's three minutes and forty-five seconds of my life that I'll never get back! Probably my own fault for over thinking it. Thought the video was going to offer some new trick or technique that would fix this problem - elimininating a bow in the sink edge. NOT simple say; 'Oops! Oh well, it’s rusted and can't be fixed. Go buy a new sink'. Why didn't you figure out that detail before you pulled the sink out -- especially if you can't afford to buy a new sink! Now you have to reinstall a sink that shouldn’t have been pulled out in the first place. And what happened to the rest of the segment about replacing the faucet that was promised at the beginning of the video?

Re: Stop Drafts With a Homemade Door Sweep

Bad idea! But, I guess if you're living in a hobo house you really don't care what it looks like. This is the kind of tip that winds you on YouTube under "redneck construction" or part of that roaming e-mail that shows all those ridiculously stupid ways to fix things. Aside from the fact that this would just look incredibly cheap; you've just ruined the door. How long do you think it is going to take before the bottom of the door starts to rot out because you didn't PRIME AND PAINT that big, huge, groove you just made in the edge??? This might do in a pinch for a garage or an outbuilding, but no self-respecting contractor or homeowner would accept this as a quality fix. Besides, if you can afford to have the specialized router bit to do this job in the first place; then you can surely afford to fix it correctly.