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Re: UPDATE: Ultimate Miter-Saw Stand -- And the Winner is...

This is perfect timing. My shop is complete and ready for a miter saw stand. Here are the features I would look for in a dedicated saw station.

1) Design for festool Kapex or the new bosch so it is close to wall
2) Like it to be cantilevered so floor can be cleaned or used for other items
3) Not a big table, just extensions on each side for support, as a table is likely to get used for storage
4) Extensions should have scale (for measurement) and stop (for multiple, same lenght cuts). I am not sure if a accurate usable scale can be implemented but at least if it is adjustable then it can be recalibrated (moved left/right) when a blade is changed or for other reason requiring a re-calibration.
5) Storage for items used at miter saw; marking tools and saw tools
6) Connection to a dust collector

I may think of other things but an easy to build station with these basic features would work for me.