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Re: UPDATE: Ultimate Miter-Saw Stand -- And the Winner is...

Since the portable chop-saw stand has pervaded the market, available even in outlets not known for tool sales, the pickings have still been relatively slim.
I started out with a home made, oak-sectioned 6-foot platform with no legs..., it was cumbersome, but once set-up, a real treat to use.
Then I spent $99.00 on a Ryobi set-up that they still sell today! Many others have mimicked the overall design of the stand with swing-down legs - locked in place with spring pegs.
easy to store; easy to set-up and easy to attach your saw to.
Using a chop saw without having to lean down or support on an uneven surface is a marked improvement for many...
The killer is that the overall length of the support is wanting. With only a 9-foot reach, it covers only about 50% of what I use the saw-system for.

So, the wish list includes:

Portable (easy to stow in the work truck or garage)
Compact (folds-up into a carry-friendly shape)
Sturdy (must be rigid and able to take a beating)
somewhat lightweight (less than 50 lbs)
No assembly (folding legs, friction locks, etc)
A minimum 12-foot reach overall
Footprint able to support large saws 12" minimum...

All the best,