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Re: Make Your Blowtorch Safe

All good advice, espcialy the "propane torch holder" except he had mapp gas. (it was yellow, not blue or red) doen't really matter......but?

Jon Beuchert
Williams Studio, Colgate, WI

Re: Lead Paint Law Claims First Contractor

Seems to me, it would have been cheaper to burn the house down, let the "purported lead" into the atmosphere, and call it a day. Seriously, if lead were so harmful, why do so many people, myself included, who as children were exposed to, and inhaled/injested high levels of lead do just fine. Just my $0.02


Re: Play Fine Homebuilding's Game "The Inspector"

Whoever designed it was clueless, just like the builder who went on with the task. The are so many things wrong, I wouldn't know where to begin...other than tear it all out and start from scratch.