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Moroccan bedside tables

Moroccan bedside tables

The bottom part of the tables was cut from 3/4 inch plywood. All 4 sides have the same measurements.  The tops were made from wood I already had and which I had been saving, but I could have built...



While visiting our accountant in NY city, I noticed that she had removed all the wrought iron in front of her brownstone. Since she said she was going to discard it, I asked if I could have it and...

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Re: fence

Cute picture. He just had to scratch his nose!

Re: Cedar Shakes and a Cupola for the Gazebo

Very attractive. I want a gazebo also but I want to make it bigger. Of course, I could never build it myself. You did a great job. Love the rafters picture. Basilico

Re: Repair a hole in drywall

This is done well, but did you see the video in this issue of Fine Homebuilding about patching a hole? It is very clever also.


Re: Glass – It’s Not Just for Windows Anymore!

Beautiful. I love the gleam, and they should be easy to keep clean. I am also curious about the cost.


Re: Farmhouse Porch Addition

The house was screaming for a porch. Great work. My house is similar to yours, and it already has a porch. Too bad.
Maybe I can build one in the back! I like the trim you added on the top of it. I have thought I might do the same thing to ours but I always thought it was tacking a Victorian detail to a plain farmhouse. But yours looks good. basilico

Re: Contemporary Makeover

Very nice. I would have added a detail on top of the bookcases made up of slats, to mimic the detail of parallel vertical lines on the fireplace insert. Not a criticism, just a suggestion. It's gorgeous, though. Basilico

Re: Garden Gate & Pergola

Beautiful. I love the rounded top.And it's so green! Fabulous. You have inspired me to use an open-weave door I found in the street the other day to make an entrance to nowhere because I don't have an enclosed garden. Vines can grow on the door (I'll leave it "open") and I can use posts around it like you did.I'll send pictures! Lola Stanton