Architect. I enjoy making things, and designing things. These days I am planning my getaway house in Texas.

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scrap plywood bench

scrap plywood bench

I built this bench out of scrap plywood and throw away pieces. It is all 3" wide strips. Glue, nails, and splicing; made a solid bench. The bench is under cover so its held together pretty good. It...

music room

music room

I wanted to create a room where I could create. The little studio office and music room became my refuge and my favorite room. Whether belting out Tom Petty songs, or practicing guitar, I was at...

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Re: Master Bath Retreat

Great looking bathroom - very nice work.

Re: A Contemporary Water-Collecting Home

Should have said some say

Re: A Contemporary Water-Collecting Home

I would like to learn about the cistern system and if the pumps work efficiently enough or you to recommend this way of doing rainwater collection. I am learning about the concepts but have not done a project with it yet. The project I have in mind is very small and one say I should have the water collect above my highest usage point.

Re: Upgrading a Small Kitchen Without Adding On

Looks great. Nice improvement.

Re: Energy-Efficient San Francisco Remodel

Nice work - I would love to see 100 more pictures of this house.

Re: Backyard Garden Shed

i like everything about this shed.

Re: Board and Batten Shed

Great looking work
Can you tell me your method and suggestions on the floor framing? I am about to build a 6x8 in Texas. Also did making your own door turn out to be best idea? It looks like the only way to get such a nice look.