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Re: How to Lay Out an Accurate Ellipse with a Stick, Two Nails, and a Pencil

It's like folding a band saw. I know how to do it but I still cannot! It is the same with drawing an ellipse. This way sounds fool-proof.

Re: Make a Perfect Pipe-Outfeed Support in a Pinch

The video is all set now.

Good tip.

Re: Tour a World-Class Veneer Shop

I disagree, I found it very interesting and would like to see more like it. Thanks.

Re: Laser-Guided Sonic Stop Makes Measuring Miter-Saw Cuts a Breeze

It's not much to crow about but when it comes to April fools, you rule the roost!

Re: NAHB Sees Shortage of Skilled Labor

Henry Ford started the 40 hour week, heath care insurance and payed vacations and paid more than other manufacturers to attract more and better workers. Long before Ford was a union shop.

Re: NAHB Sees Shortage of Skilled Labor

Opps, damn spell check, I meant college not collage. It must be that public school training.

Re: NAHB Sees Shortage of Skilled Labor

The union didn't recruit me the public schools did. I had my first shop class in the 6th grade. I built a paddle-wheel boat and a wall lamp. I still remember working on them(I'm 68). 7th, 8th, and 9th grades we had a mixture of different shops. I had carpentry, printing, and sheet metal. I was hooked and knew from that experience that I was going to be a cabinet-maker. I attended a Trade high school and after graduating, I worked in the trade for 47 years with a 3 year break for the Army. All but 3 years in the trade as a union carpenter/cabinet-maker. The union had very little formal training when I started but it has improved. Most of what I learned after graduating was learned from co-workers. Some co-workers shared very little but some were very helpful. My 3 years in a non-union shop were just as satisfying and rewarding as the union shops.

We need more exposure to manual training in our schools. Some of my fellow workers had some collage and some even graduated with degrees. It didn't matter, they loved working with their hands and creating things. Maybe it is just in our jeans(or coveralls) look at some of our kids favorite toys. Plastic hammers, saws, and tool benches.

I started with a coping saw in the sixth grade and retired after working on a CNC router for my last three years. It all started back then just working with my hands. Not only did it provide a job, it provided for my large family. I was able to build our vacation home and do many rehab jobs on our primary homes myself thus saving much money.

We teach a lot of useless things in school but we should be teaching for the kids future. We were the greatest, strongest country in the world without a doubt and now other countries laugh in our face. Get back to what made us great. Teach what we need not what makes someone feel good.

Re: Masterful Tiling Turns a Tiny Bath into a Jewel

I hope they don't expect their 70+ year old in-laws to climb that library ladder to go to bed.

Re: Major Thermal Bypasses: Energy-Wasting Holes in Your House

Get the cat out of the hole. ;)

Re: Cutting Laminated Glass

Easy on the alcohol (highly flammable) it can creep between the layers and burn.

A glass cutter showed me a good tip. After scoring and breaking the glass, cut the plastic membrane with a piece of a metal tape. We all have broken or bent tapes around. Cut a 4 inch length and use it like a utility knife. The utility blade is tapered so it gets thicker as you go deeper with the cut and binds on the glass. The metal tape is thin all the way through.

Re: A Case for Resilient Design

Oh Oh, it was cold this morning and now it is getting warmer. I heard it is going to get cold again tonight. I better get some food down to my bunker.

Did you ever hear of the ice age? It must have been from all the dino's breathing. The dust bowl of the 30's?
That must have been from all the buffalo dung.

Get real, grow up and stop being used by the Gore's of the world. They are making a fortune off of people like you.

Re: How To Save a Miscut Board From the Scrap Bin

Does it only work on wood? ;)

Re: One Carpenter's Life as Told by Small Houses and Spaces

I agree with renosteinke, you want a small house, go for it. I want a big house, leave me alone. As long as I build it on my land (and comply with zoning) is is none of your business.

Re: Stairmathter: Use SketchUp to Master the Math for Stairbuilding

Too much needless moving of the cursor. I was getting dizzy.

Re: The Pre-cut House

Larry, I love it. I have a picture of a farm I used to summer on, the barn is collapsed and the house is empty and there is a huge old style satellite dish in the yard.
I loved the story. I know of a Sears prefab in Boston. It is said to be the first, I don't know.

Re: The Pre-cut House

Did the satellite dish come with the kit? :)

Re: Make a Simple Clamp for Perfect Miters

Sorry, I didn't see the posts on the side column.

Re: Make a Simple Clamp for Perfect Miters

To paint small screw heads, just push them into a piece of cardboard and spray.

Re: Whatever Happened to the Radial-Arm Saw?

Why don't we bring back the "swing-saw" too?

Re: Restoring an Antique Timber-Frame Home

Can you imagine hand hueghing and joining all those OAK beams? It is hard enough to work it with mordern tools.

Re: Pipe Clamp Hold-Down for the Job Site

I don't have a pipe threader. Why not just drill a hole the size of the pipe and remove the sliding end of the pipe clamp, thread the pipe through the hole, and replace the sliding end?