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 Porch and Deck Combo with Fireplace and Patio in Johns Creek Georgia

Porch and Deck Combo with Fireplace and Patio in Johns Creek Georgia

This project involved a porch room with a tile floor, firplace, open deck with separate grill area and walkway to driveway, staircase and a finished area and patio below the deck and porch area

Open Air Porch & Radius Deck

Open Air Porch & Radius Deck

This project was designed and built in Johns Creek Ga. An open air porch with two radius bump out decks provided a bar area along with a sitting or dining deck area outside the porch. A side...

Large Pool Deck

Large Pool Deck

This project involved the design and contruction of a 1800 sf deck with a lower level area that surrounds three side of the pool.   A Timber Tech Evolutions decking product with hidden...

Porch & Deck Combination with Watertight Deck & Patio below

Porch & Deck Combination with Watertight Deck & Patio below

This project was designed and built by Peachtree Decks and Porches in Cumming Ga. It included a porch with fireplace, deck area, and patio below a watertight deck system. An effort was made to blend...

Deck on the Lake

Deck on the Lake

This project included a multilevel deck with a watertight and finished area below. The aluminum rail was chosen to allow for a clean view and the decking was Azek

Remodeling an Existing Outdoor Area

Remodeling an Existing Outdoor Area

With this project we made some structural modifications and re-used the roof and floor framing. We re nalied everything and added joist hangers etc We removed the upper deck on left and built a new...

Outdoor Extension

Outdoor Extension

This project replaced an older existing deck. (see photo # 4) It was designed to provide a shaded space and incorporated a fireplace for extended seasonal use. The open air porch has a slate floor...

Blended Space   Deck in Roswell Ga by Peachtree Decks and Porches LLC

Blended Space Deck in Roswell Ga by Peachtree Decks and Porches LLC

This is a recently completed project we built in Roswell Ga.  The deck was aprx 900 sf and included a pvc deck board and aluminum railings This project included stucco arches, columns, and stone...

Radiused deck & porch in Cumming Ga by Peachtree Decks and Porches LLC

Radiused deck & porch in Cumming Ga by Peachtree Decks and Porches LLC

This project was designed and built by Peachtree Decks and Porches in Cumming Ga   Azek decking and trim were combimned with fortress railing to creat an open look and low maintenance backyard...

Ipe deck Kennesaw Ga by Peachtree Decks and Porches LLC

Ipe deck Kennesaw Ga by Peachtree Decks and Porches LLC

This elevated deck was built to allow a clear view and natural look in a wooded area in the  North Atlanta metro region using Ipe decking and metal railing systems. This deck has several...

Recent comments

Re: Bark Side Up or Bark Side Down?

Given a choice I'd go bark side up.

That said part of the problem is all the center cut boards that could go either way.

Theres' no clear option. I've see them all cup

Re: Radiused deck & porch in Cumming Ga by Peachtree Decks and Porches LLC


Azek or pvcs have up until now provided good performance with a marginal look , at least nothing that would compare to a freshly oiled Ipe or hardwood deck. Hardwoods definitely require a maintainence effort to keep "the look" but you know they'll last.

Not sure what your build schedule is like but there are some really nice products coming down the pike that will provide the perforamnnce of pvc with a true hardwood look. In fact Fiberon has a line available now called Horizons in both Rosewood (Cumaru) and another in Ipe color. This product has an inner composite core (green builder friendly) and an outer shell that comes with a 10 year color warrabty. We've used it and it is very durable. It is very scratch and scuff resistent.

As with most products it has a limited history but I do believe Fiberon is on track with this particular line. Azek and others are coming out with new versions that provide the hardwood look with cap stock products. These technologies are where the industry is going

. Although you'll definitely get multiple opinions when it comes to "wood or alternatives" I'm a believer in a short list of alternatives that will now provide both a performance and good look.

Re: Synthetic Decking: Best Buy or Absolute Nightmare?

I have to wonder how much difference operating in a differnt geographic region makes?

When it comes to alternative decking, I have been a fan in concept, a skeptic by nature, and dissapointed in the options we have had for the better part of 2 decades. The performance of most of whats been avaiable has been lacking in my opinion.

I've been building in the southeast for 20 years, delivered over 30 million dollars worth of deck and porch products, using mostly pressure treated southern yellow pine including turbo charged recipes such as parafin enhanced, # 1 dense, kiln dried after treatment options.

None of this has preformed even close to what I would consider satisfactorily. Cedar as decking here offers marginal performance at best and hopefully works better in other parts of the country.

I started my new company 18 months ago with the founding concept of only offering long term performance and / or low maintenance options. It was amazing as to how little there really is to offer.

Brazilian hardwoods are the tried and true performance options that has a history and limited risk factor associated with it. I'm a believer in them from that standpoint and rate them highly. I use them regularly inside porch floors. It is not a low maintenance product unless uyou're okay with the weathered look. Customers will need to be on a maintenance program to "maintain" the look.

Generally speaking I'm not a fan of "composites " as I believe they offer less favorable performance than other altrenatives. I believe wood flour is the built in flaw.

I do believe in the pvc products such as Azek, Trex Escapes, Sensibuilt. They are the first products in my opinion that appear to provide the type of performance we 're looking for. Either you like the look or you don't. All the customers I've built for love them.

I'm hopeful for a real performing and natural looking options that I believe are starting to appear. I'm interested and starting to use products such as Fiberons Horizons with Permatech outer layer with a true (or close to it even close up and not 20 feet away) hardwood look. Many products look good on a website but in person don't look so good. This looks good installed.

These mentioned options do in my opinion provide a much desired low maintenance decking board. Thats not to say there's not some risk associated with using them. There are. The reality is there are not many actual decking boards in use that have a real history because the formala and tweaks have continued because of the problems of the past.

Evergrain may be the only real long term unchanged older generation work horse thats been out there for over a decade.

I have 20 alterative decking options that I can show customers in my mini showroom. I'll only use 4 of them along with the Brazilain hardwood offerings.

With all due respect to the wood lovers which I am one of, I'm frustrated at seeing good work look bad after one Georgia summer and don't won't any part of delivering project I don't believe in.


Re: Play Fine Homebuilding's Game "The Inspector"

It was interesting. I found all of them but lost 50 on the shirt on the ladder thing and apparently missed when I tried to click on the missing header and got dinged for another 50.


Re: Ipe deck Kennesaw Ga by Peachtree Decks and Porches LLC

Thanks alwayslearnn

We've used a couple of different products including Penofin and Cabots.

We've been using TWP lately with some pigment that helps somewhat in terms of retarding weathering.

Truth is the beauty does not remain long. These decks ideally require the customer to be on a deck maintenance program to keep the nice rich look.


Re: Radiused deck & porch in Cumming Ga by Peachtree Decks and Porches LLC


Forgot the second part of your question.

I really like Azek and a short list of other pvc type of products. This includes Azek, Sensibuilt, and Trex Escapes.

Azek came onto the market as Procell years ago and was picked up/ bought out, by Azek who has been a major player in the pvc trim industry. It was a good match up and increased the production capacity.

Sensibuilt is under the Fiber Composirtes umbrella and some of the peolpinvolved were orginnally involved with Procell.

Theres a difference between these products and most typical composites which are made thru a combination of wood flour and recycled plastic, These can be good and reliable products but I consider them to be in a differnt catagory from the listed products.

I believe the pvc products out perform most when it comes to the "scratch, scuff, and stain test. Most do not absorb heat and they simply take less to clean up.

What we're all hoping to see is the introduction of a more natural looking pvc option which hopefully is not far down the road.

I believ you would be very happy with these products and the ease of use. Vey light and good fastening systems.

I'm very picky about products and we use these and only Brazilian hardwoods and very little pressure treated decking.

They all have strong backers in term of corporations etc

Re: Radiused deck & porch in Cumming Ga by Peachtree Decks and Porches LLC

heynoweasy , structuring and transfferring loads, controling cantilever distances, and incorporating angled beams for radiused decks is not difficult to do and the simple point in this case is to cover up an unsitely unfinsihed landscape area below this decks. When you use Photo Shop you don't remove stuff you cover over it using one or more techniques.

It's more matter of having a new toy to play with called Photoshop and not covering up anything done incorrectly.

If you care to provide an emai,.address thru my website I'll be glad to shoot you over some detailed structural shots that will show a very clean, easy, and efficient way to build and structure radiused decks.

I've tried to add a couple to this posting but I'm getting a pop up that says becaused the contest is over I can't do any editing.

Re: Radiused deck & porch in Cumming Ga by Peachtree Decks and Porches LLC

Actually we used a anti gravity framing system proprietary to our company... or maybe I did photoshop the shrubbery.

Pretty obvious in the last photo huh?