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Re: A Carpenter's Table

Brill'...very impressed. Just goes to show, we cabinet makers become over obsessive with our joints and finishing.
Can we see some detailed shots of the very final fix of top to frame...looks like something intriguing occured there..?

Re: Self-Taught MBA: Strategic Thinking

Thanks Fernando, interesting reminder but a little obvious, this is what business is all about..? In answer to AndyEngel...NO ! a craft-orientated tradesman can't make a reasonable living working reasonable hours. You'll get by and even feel proud and flattered but not wealthy..!! A friend once told me..."you'll never make money whilst you're doing the work yourself.." Get a good job, earn the salary, then craft in your shed during the off time...!!

Re: Charging for Design Advice: Bill Up-Front or Forget About it

Things this side of the pond are just the same. Having been caught out a couple of times, my design aspect of the job has changed. The real motivator was following the presentation of the third set of drawings, when the client then announced the entire project was moving to an alternative wing of the house. The blessing was, although I tried to pull out (envisaging lots of grief), the client was insistant in using my services. In the end everything worked out just fine, however, I never recouped the 40hrs of R&D.!!
In conclusion, all jobs get one free consultation and a rough draft, thereafter, they get a 'design' fee. This tends to establish respect and adds to ones professionalism.

Re: Play Fine Homebuilding's Game "The Inspector"

Over this side of the pond, with so many trip hazards and the lack of safety clothing (hard hats etc) not to mention climbing a step in that way (even if it had six legs), would get the site closed down....! Still it was great fun, keep 'em coming.