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Re: Play Fine Homebuilding's Game "The Inspector"

The moldy window was the last I found. Swore the unprimed boards on the right doghouse dormer would've been a gig.

Re: Old man einstein

"He has been on the job his entire life and he doesn't like plumbers."...does anyone...really?

Re: Bosch redefines sliding miter saw category with new "glider" system

If it tests well, I'm in. Like my current 12" Bosch, but getting rid of the rails would be worth the investment. Easier to handle, and I would be able to use it on my work bench in my equipment trailer.

Re: That Can't Be Safe! A Visit to the Shingle Mill

Ugh! If this was a forwarded attachment from an e-mail, I would expect to see the guy's hand flying off at the end of the video. Definitely third-world country dangerous! This mill is in America? Where the heck is OSHA if it is???