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Re: UPDATE: Ultimate Miter-Saw Stand -- And the Winner is...

I have been using the Dewalt DW723 for years now and I think it is the best no-nonsense saw stand on the market. I love the rigid snap down legs and telescoping square tube adjustable rests.

A couple changes I would love to see:
-I find a lot of times after I carry over and set down a 16' 2x10 and I need to make a cut near one of the ends, it is difficult to adjust the arms out once I have placed the lumber on the saw. I think there should be a snap down tab of some sort to allow you to free up either arm, that would be accessible right there at the base of the saw, instead of reaching around your work to the end of the stand and turning the knobs.
-Also, if there was some sort of bearings on the face of the rest so you could slide it out or in to fit your needs, without having to lift up your board to free it up to slide. I find myself sliding in our out and sometimes knocking a board off the saw table.
-I am also unhappy with the height adjustment on the rests, there needs to be something simpler with more positive pressure to keep it from slipping down or loose with time.