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Re: Play Fine Homebuilding's Game "The Inspector"

One really can't see the details because of the angle of the picture. I only got 5 out of 6. What was the last one?

Re: Titanium hammers up for grabs. Want one?

I am about to build a 10 x 20 shed for storage. I'll be using an air nailer for framing but it would be nice to have a titanium hammer for the rest of the nailing. So I am submitting a comment for a chance to win since I am such a "tool nut". I have not tried using one so I am anxious to see and try one. Titanium is used in aviation construction for its strength. When I flew the T-38 in pilot training we were told not to land gear up because the titanium could potentially catch fire. That was proven wrong when an unintentional gear up landing did not start a fire. Of course you would not intentionally land a T-38 without the gear unless a malfunction of the gear extension prevented it in which case you would request foaming of the runway. What does all this have to do with a titanium hammer?