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Re: Ipe Deck Installation Leads to Lessons Learned

kind of a tangental thread BUT , I was wondering if any of you chaps have experienced much widthwise shrinking with IPE? I want to lay the boards diagonally on a 45 and want to dress up the ends with a border board.

I have experienced very obvious width wise shrinkage on Select DecK press treated SYP and it showed up at the mitred ends. Laid diagonally w/ the ends cut on a chalk line only to have everything shrink creating a sawtooth zigzag line instead of the the strait cut line..I recut that line a year later, eased the edges AGAIN and then bordered it .ANd it stayed good

I am hoping IPE is dry enuf that this won't occur . SHould I biscuit and glu each 45'd edge into the preguved edge of the border board? Thanks for any input