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Re: What Happens if your Framing Gets Rained on? (Learn to use a Moisture Meter)

I remember a house I inspected several years ago that the homeowner claimed was built with saturated wood. The house was drywalled and finished in the winter, so most likely the water was frozen and trapped in the wood. It had all of the signs except mold. The studs shrank so much after the homeowners moved in that in addition to lots of drywall cracking and nail pops, all of the electrical boxes extended proud of the drywall face by as much as an 1/8th of an inch (hence the cover plates all floated off the wall face).

Re: Online Reviews Can Hurt Contractors and Homeowners

This article interested me because I spend a lot of hours as an expert witness in construction defect cases. While the article appears to me to be unbiased and only pointing out a growing trend, I found a number of the comments based upon unknown assumptions. The article doesn't reveal all the facts relating to the construction project, and yet so many are quick to assume the guilt of either the contractor or the homeowner. Regardless of who was wrong in this case, it's a good warning that if you don't treat your client/contractor fairly, there is a potentially more damaging way of getting the word out now.