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Re: Play Fine Homebuilding's Game "The Inspector"

Well, really People build like this?, and I noticed another issue..Don't build the deck against the house, use rubber spacers and drip edge/flashing to the rafter, not the house!

Re: Will Double Stud Wall Construction Bring Efficiency at a Modest Cost?

Some of your comments makes a lot of sense...There truth in all these comments, and I want to add one more...

What about the European method of 2x8 walls, based on passive house design, triple glazed windows, taping all seams...even without some codes we are suggesting here in the US, their houses would meet 3 ACH @ 50 pascals, and they are going to .2ACH soon.

Just a thought!

Re: Is Radiant Floor Heating the Best Way To Warm A Well-Insulated House?

Yes its petty,

Is your comment based on $$? "heat pumps provide air conditioning as well as heat, something that radiant-floor heating systems can't do"

Radiant-floor can do it, if you have a air to air, or ground source heat pumps!

The caviet is, unless your promoting ductless, they cost more!