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Re: Getting on board with fire sprinklers

Most insurance companies hate these things. In residential applications where maintenance simply does not happen, they are more likely to break and leak, flooding the house. Ever have to repair a house with a broken pipe overhead? Costs a fortune.

Also, the time from smoke detector triggering to a fully engulfing flame (in the figure above) is a little misleading in my opinion. It is probably an "average" based on the most frequent house fires ---kitchens and garages. --It really depends on lots of factors.

It probably is true for the kitchen grease fire/garage when you don't have an extinguisher handy. But I doubt if it is true for a smoldering cigarette that was accidentally dropped on the carpet.

Re: Can McMansions Help Solve Our Housing Crisis?

The problem with changing status quo is that few if any policy makers are smart enough to predict the long term unintended consequences. That very issue is what got us here in the first place. Although your suggestion is great for the building industry, you are adding units to an already glutted market. The result will be lower house prices. ---That is very basic economics.

Right now, in our area (one of the most hardest hit in the country), guys are barely breaking even because of rock bottom pricing. Probably the suppliers and subs are heavily discounting just to stay working. We hit bottom about a year ago. Lower prices means these guys won't have a comeback and they'll add to the already high unemployment numbers.

You say "properly done." But I would argue "slippery slope." Once you start down a path, you eventually loose the policy QA/QC checks you originally had and everything spirals downward. ---You cannot make a law that cannot be modified...its called the Constitution....

Remember what caused this....lot's of folks "moved up" in housing to MCMs around the peak and when the market went bust, just walked away from their houses because there was little penalty. My take is that is best to leave the social motivations of buying a house (people eventually get sick of renting) and let the market come back on its own without any re-engineering of the motivations.

--My thinking comes social engineer "par excellence" Jack McGovern. He wrote lots of laws to change society, but when he retired from the US Senate, he realize those very laws stifled him. He eventually wrote an editorial denouncing the very laws he sponsored.

Re: Play Fine Homebuilding's Game "The Inspector"

Hey, got em all, but aren't you suppose to clamp/staple NM cable within 12" of the box (NEC 334.30)? Looks like a "long" 12" to me......

Re: Craziest Shingle Tear-Off Method Ever?

On my house ....no way. But if you're in snow country, you can have as much as 200 lbs/sq-ft bearing capacity plus the dead load design. When I was doing research on buying a little Bobcat 453, I heard of folks getting engineering OK to drive them on an industrial roof to strip them. That's 4000 lbs of machinery. Excellent operator though. If you look closely, the operator is keeping a gap between the roof deck and shake because all you need to do is lift the exposed tips to break them loose. The problem is, one sneeze and your fired!!