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Re: hard to drive or walk home to take a leak

I was trying to see what was wrong with the pictures and then I noticed the sidewalk is not finished in the first photo, there is no hand railing on the stairs in the second photo and I'm assuming the urinals were installed in the ladies room.
Good on Fine Home Building for presenting a challenge for us to find what is wrong.

Re: How to Reinforce 2x6 Ceiling Joists to Handle Heavy Loads

I'm thinking tie the rafters and ceiling joists together to make a funk truss and add some decking in the open centre portion to help spread the load. Use blocking and 5/8 gusset plates to tie every thing together

Re: How to Draw An Arc When Framing an Arched Doorway

I believe the mathematical formula for the radius is A squared plus B squared over 2(AB). A is the height and B is half the base

Re: How to Keep Noise Under Control

3r1j1c good catch on the sound bar (aka resiliant channel) although it is a drawing and not a photo.
With all the advertising on here I'm wondering if I can use this forum to plug my new drywall cutting tool. Na, better not.

Re: hard to drive or walk home to take a leak

I fail to see anything wrong with any of these photos. I do these things all the time and never get any complaints. A hand railing would be nice on the stairs though.

Re: Charging for Design Advice: Bill Up-Front or Forget About it

I find it amazing how thankless people can be in regards to design input. Some of my experiences include a local builder winning a building award for my alteration to the original design. The local awards are called the Georgies and he recieved a silver for the best feature. A gold isn't possible untill you enter the provincials.
Then there was a two page colour article in a local newspaper featuring a passive solar house I designed and built with a friend. We did everything from the foundation to the finishing work including the cabinets, stone and wood floring, tile work and solid wood stairs. Not a mention of the builders name in the article.
I also build and designed a Thai Restaurant in the small city I live in. My mother went in for lunch one day and the waitress told her the person runnung the restaurant did all the work.
Now lets include my alteration to a designers stairs that he could not get to code. It was his desire to have these as his signature design feature. It was just a matter of changing the geometry and coming up with a unique set of stairs that I have never seen anywhere else.
For all of the above not only did I not recieve financial compensation but there was never even a thank you.
I find I get a certain amount of entertainment from people being so useless that they have to claim responsability for other peoples work.

Re: UPDATE: Winners Chosen in our 'Toward a Zero Energy Home' Book Givaway

This would be a nice addition for my green library started in the late 70's with The Passive Solar Energy book. It is my hope to build a European standard Passive House soon. There is one obstacle where I cannot find any guidance. How does one combine an air tight house with an overhead kitchen fan meant to exaust air while blasting heat under a wok for delicious spicy hot Thai food. Looks like a custom job for a metal fabricator. Off to the drawing board!