McMurray, PA, US

I’m a veteran marketing communications, marketing person with earlier former duties as a higher education professor and administrator. As a seasoned business veteran I’ve been involved almost exclusively with launches, revamps, start-ups, new business, and turn arounds.

I have skills with professional video, film, photography. I have a knack for recognizing trends. Much of my work has been to identify, prepare, and deliver appropriate messages to end users of highly specific projects.

No silver spoons here. I’m proud that I started as beginner from a small mill town in PA and evolved to earn key titles ranging from "hey you" to project manager. My formal education includes a B.A., Masters, and Doctorate. My informal education has been life, travel, a personal wish list, and superb acquaintances. I prefer to be called Gary. My friends can call me anything they wish.

Colleagues describe me as personable, quick to adjust, willing to help, able to tell and take a joke. I don’t take well to, and I am personally not a “screamer.” I hold people to their word. I like to work—especially with talented and creative people, but I don’t care a hoot for so called “arteeists” who refuse to negotiate to reach a goal for the sole reason of “artist prerogative.”

I love visiting museums, historical places, and a good flea market, and have been known to screech tires when one appears. I’m good with and like working with my hands. Good tools of all sorts are my friends. They’re not for display. They are clean, tuned, used, and cared for.

I fix things. Perhaps my biggest talent is that I have the ability to noodle most things out but have the good sense to seek assistance when called for. I’m certainly not standoffish, but I appreciate space. When confronted with a difference of opinion, I want the opportunity to make my case. I do it for others and I expect no less.

Many people would agree that I have a good “eye” for stuff but I most often choose essential rather than popular. I travel when I can. I enjoy a mix of people and cultures but I also reserve the right to prefer the company of my animals to some humans.

Birthday: 04/30/2016

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Recent comments

Re: UPDATE: Ultimate Miter-Saw Stand -- And the Winner is...

After building the thing if I change out saws I have to readjust the most critical factor, the saw height as related to the table. Give me a semipermanent adjustable height for the mitersaw itself. As long as I have a correct level box on either side of the saw I can rig the rest of the fancy dodads with hardly any effort. The saw and the box quickly adjustable for different saws brings me the greatest amount of use and confidence. Much easier to allow the saw height to be adjusted than to reset the boxes on either side.

Re: Play Fine Homebuilding's Game "The Inspector"

These "inspections" are a terrific feature and I wanted to play this one. But after the doorbell transformer I tried to zoom in on a section of the panel. Each time I tried to zoom in and move to a different location on a picture section I was penalized in score. There was no way I could find to adjust the zoom to a section. For example, there appears to be a staple through a wire but I could not be sure. When I tried to focus on that location for a zoom the score dropped. Soon I was at a minus score just trying to get a view. Very frustrating.

Re: Master Bedroom 2009

I had an old house from the 1910's with similar drawers. One section of drawers on casters (secretly) pulled out to give access to an ocular window behind. You'll love these and will be of such use that you will add dollars to the value of the house. What a great place for pillows, duvets, blankets and sweaters. Congrats.

Re: Estate cabinet

I'm sure that the work is excellent but, gee, the scale and shade of the piece for the room seems a bit heavy.