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Re: How to Keep Things Clean When Caulking Trim

When I did high work on suspended scaffold we used old phone books...they're usually in abundance and free! We'd fold a page onto itself, turn the page and keep going! I still keep one in my van for caulking.

Re: UPDATE: Ultimate Miter-Saw Stand -- And the Winner is...

Just wanted to get in on the contest and saw TunnelVision's entry. Let me just say...VERY NICE!

That being said, I am not one who has been able to specialize anymore and find myself wanting/needing a saw stand w/stops that is able to be accurate for trim & cabinetry but large and long enough to handle framing tasks too. I work out of a full size cargo van and would want it to easily fit inside to lock up. I would love to spend the time to work on and perfect one to my liking but I can't see making the time to do it. Call it a cop-out but that's how it is. I need to work on paying jobs right now. Maybe later. While having used one once a long time ago, when I didn't appreciate it, I now wonder if the Sawhelper Ultrafence is the answer. I know it's pricey but if it's paid for in a job or two it seems less expensive than the kind of time I would spend building one (I know, I'm slow) that is sure to be bulkier. I've read the reviews but I'm looking for any regular users to come back with their experience with it. I currently have a Trojan TWC and like its quick setup (I made a slightly larger 1" plywood table and replaced all of the thumbscrews with T-knobs) but it's a framer's stand for sure and has no stops for repetitive cut lengths.

Other than the satisfaction of having designed and built it myself (I know it's a good reason), I can't see any reason to work on reinventing the wheel when so many of you are way ahead of me. I look forward to the final designs to be published and hope to be surprised and inspired enough to get my butt into the garage and build one of my own.