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Re: A Quick Circular-Saw Blade Change

Hmmm. Fabulous? Just another way. Not worth the hype.

Re: Gulf Island Bed and Breakfast

Also, posting comments in reverse chronological order is ridiculous. Please post them properly so the conversation can flow.

Re: Gulf Island Bed and Breakfast

Also, I see curved roofs but not a curved wall.

Re: Gulf Island Bed and Breakfast

Bowen is a southern gulf island, not northern. Picky me.

Re: Airtight Wall and Roof Sheathing

The comments are posted in reverse chronological order. It's just wrong. Please give us the option of choosing the proper order so we can have a proper discussion.

Re: Energy Nerd Recognized by Fellow Blogger

As a building nerd, I have to agree. Martin has great insight and integrity and doesn't pander to corporate interests. I've learned a lot from his blog and the comments also can be very enlightening. Bravo!

Re: PODCAST: Five Big Holes in your House That Suck Energy Out

It would be nice if the audio was available in something other than apple quicktime. Many people don't use it...