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Re: How to Convert a Closet into a Laundry Room

I am just completing a laundry closet. Using Stacked appliances. Great points above by skidmark regarding Code issues. Dryer venting lengths are frequently defined by the manufacturer and in my case it helped me out because I needed a longer run than the city code guys wanted but because my manufacturer owner manual said I could do it the code guys relented. With solid doors like this one you would probably need to consider a vent fan. Drip tray was not a code requirement (Yet) for my city but I am putting one in anyway because I can.

I also used one of those cool new AAV vents for plumbing that can go in without running another stack through the roof or wall. Then I just found the most convenient way to run my 2" washer drain into my main stack through the floor which worked easy for me because this closet happens to be over the garage.

I chose for now to have a vented bi-fold door in mine

I had to run new 30A, 4 wire run for electric dryer. 15a separate circuit for washer also required by code in my city.

For sound proofing I insulated all walls and I put acoustic tiles on the inside walls of the closet to keep things quiet.

It saves my wife a lot of steps now that the laundry is not in the Basement.