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Re: How to Install a Ventilated Rain Screen

great vid. Window install not so good.


Re: Sweating Copper Pipe

oh my god. Thats your soldering video. WOW. please take this video down. Not good at all.


Re: Sweating Copper Pipe

oh my god. Thats your soldering video. WOW. please take this video down. Not good at all.


Re: How to Find the Pitch of an Existing Roof

who the hell installed your ceiling insulation. WOW. NOT good. Anyway, great video and good tip. thanks again.

Re: Ecoshel Smart-Shingle System

Great Article. Thank you for posting on FHB. Can you do me a favour and get a haircut and shave. LOL.

Re: NAHB Opposes Clean Water Act Expansion

Does NAHB ever NOT oppose something. NAHB are idiots. Sorry for the harsh words. NAHB should be dissolved and let EPA do their thing. It all comes down to money.

Re: NAHB Asks That New Silica Rule Be Pulled

NAHB is stupid for asking for such a request. Bottom line it comes down to money. I think the gov't is doing the right thing and trying to save lives be reducing exposure levels. NAHB has to learn how to adapt to change. And if the change takes a while, I am sure that out of good conscience, builders would have their workers wear protective gear to limit levels even further.


Re: Patrick's Barn: Blower-Door Testing

That is amazing. I think this is really cool. Make sure in the article you show pictures of the wall construction of the barn. The test results are very good considering what you did. It there any issue of putting foam towards the inside walls versus on the backside of the exterior sheathing? As in my case (from outside in): brick, drywall sheathing, 2x4 studs, mineral wool between the studs (R-14), 1.5 inch XPS over the studs (taped and caulked), then osb (caulked aswell). This is the wall assembly for my garage.

thanks again

Re: May is Deck Safety Month - Check Your Deck!

This deck makes me sick. It should NOT be fixed but destroyed. i build the best decks humanly possible and it pains me when people think they can FIX a deck like the ones in the above photos. If money is a concern about ripping it down to rebuild it, then just rip it down so no one dies, and when money is available hire Mike and build it better.


Re: Predictions: New DeWalt Tools to be Released This Week

Their attempt at a systainer is not that great. But for the price point, it barely works. I hope that the weight is not too excessive. If my cases are too heavy, i ain't gonna use them. 14.4 voltage is a waste, thank god it is getting the F out. Kudos to dewalt for realizing that smaller drills are useful.



Mr. Too Technical for everything in the Universe

Re: New DeWalt Cordless: In a world of 18v tools, why go 20v MAX?

Why are they copying makita battery style. Is it any wonder why makita makes the best cordless. I know my name is milwaukee cuz i love their corded stuff (milwaukee cordless is bad). Makita cordless rocks. Dewalt is just now releasing batteries that allows the charger to monitor each cell. They are a late player in this game. oh well maybe they are learning. Do these drills use brushless motors?


Mr. too technical for the universe

Re: First Look: DeWalt's New 12-in. Sliding Compound Miter Saw

It is the same as the old 718! They should bring back the older 708! The rail diameter is small (1-1/16") versus the 1-3/8" standard. This causes tremendous head slop. The dust collection is better, but not great. I hope dewalt fixes these issues, but i doubt it. There is not enough NEW to make me buy it over the older 718 (which sucks period). I own the festool kapex ks 120 (i know - expensive), but that is a tool. If festool is too much, get the Milwaukee 12 inch slider. It is better.


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Re: Great Moments in Building History: The (Almost) Complete Illustrated Archive

Oh my GOd what a great online treasure chest of memories. Thanks FHB for putting this online for us to see and cherish.