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Re: Play Fine Homebuilding's Game "The Inspector"

This was a nice challenge for a Monday morning, but I see a number of problems remaining in the corrected diagram.

Given 2x6 studs @ 24" o.c., and a single top plate, the spacing of the ceiling joists and roof rafters must be stated - and they must match the location of the studs below. Otherwise, provide a double top plate.

Also I expected wood blocking or something above the top plate between the rafters, and no rafter clips or nailing instructions were given. But you also did not say anything about the sizes of the rafters or joists.

I did not see a housewrap or any similar air and/or vapor barrier. If the polyiso was for that purpose, then the seams must be taped, and shouldn't it be over the sheathing? There wasn't even felts below the siding. They note vented air space, but that looks like sheathing - especially the way it extends up to the top of the polyiso.

The error noted about needing ventilation through the rigid insulation was goofy - the note already said it was to be cut around the insulation baffle and sealed, therefore airflow happens through the insulation baffle only.

Also, you should have stated which part of the country this was in in order to give us direction about the interior vapor barrier (which would be needed also on the ceiling IF it is appropriate on the walls).

The other comment about the drip edge belonging UNDER the self-adhered underlayment is also right on.

And finally, this should be reviewed by the Architect of Record in the office that the apprentice works in before it gets to the Plan Examiner. The Inspector should only be making sure the Contractor gets things installed correctly.

Re: Play Fine Homebuilding's Game "The Inspector"

This was a nice challenge for a Monday morning, a good way to get the brain working.
I certainly did not get a perfect score, because I kept trying to find the grab bar blocking. Not there! Also not provided was blocking for the shower curtain rod. And where was the shower curtain? Maybe not yet installed, but necessary to keep the toilet paper dry. Medicine cabinet? If the carpenter provided for the electrician, then he or she should have provided for the medicine cabinet also.
The full wall mirror is great. It took me a little while to figure that out, but then I smiled. Not only will it seem to double the space of the bathroom, it will double the light AND give the occupant the chance to inspect something without leaning over the sink. It is an incredibly practical design feature that catches one off guard.
Thanks for the challenge!