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Re: Lead Paint Law Claims First Contractor

I know of several churches in my area that have active outreach ministries in the community. I am talking about several hundred people working Thursday - Saturday to renovate old houses occupied by people who are sick, old, and handicapped. The work includes painting, reroofing, cleaning, reflooring, rebuilding porches, decks and ramps.

In the last two years, 4 of the 6 churches pulled out because of concerns and warnings about possible violations of government rules and regulations. They simply do not have the resources and time to keep up with all of it. While the government is effectively scaring good people away, the nanny state is NOT taking care of these people who desperately need help. I know of two people on our list to be helped last year who have been evicted by the government this year because their houses were declared "unlivable" and condemned.

The people in these local churches are angry so maybe they will care enough to vote the current administration out of office. The local and national news media are not interested in this story so most people just assume that the government is taking care of these people that they evicted.

Re: Play Fine Homebuilding's Game "The Inspector"

On the "sketchy scaffolding" test, it misses the electrical extension cord laying across the scaffold near the worker. It is a trip hazard. The cord should have been placed behind the scaffolding so the workers did not have to maneuver around it.