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Turning a pipe clamp into a tool that can push instead of just clamp

Turning a pipe clamp into a tool that can push instead of just clamp

I was installing a new small porch floor onto the back of my Mom's rowhome after the old one had started to rot away badly. During the course of the installation, I needed a way to push a crooked...

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Re: You can build this shed for about $2,000

Hi Justin,

Thanks for the shed article.
Was going to build this exact size shed for my backyard this year and was looking around for ideas when I saw your article. What is you're e-mail address so I could get that Sketchup file? Thanks

Re: NAHB Opposes Clean Water Act Expansion

Have you ever noticed when jobs or businesses/economy are threatened , protecting the environment goes out the window. Typical dumb consumerist response.

Mother nature is NOT chugging along just fine. We're polluting this planet every day with our exploding population. Our drinking water, that you and our future generations are drinking is under enormous threats.

Look at all of the TRASH that the search for flight MH370 has spotlighted in our oceans. There are BILLIONS of tons out there and that's just on the surface.

The EPA is not perfect by any means, and sometimes I question what big business has influenced them with big money, but we're trying to look out for all of our health and that means the environment should come FIRST before jobs and the almighty dollar.

At the end of the day we're going to become extinct in our own filth. It's like that one "robot" said to Laurence Fishburne's character in the movie "The Matrix"...humans are like a virus on this beautiful planet willing to use up and destroy everything in the name of progress and self-gratification and the almighty dollar or yen or drachma, or whatever your coin of choice.

And all of you who don't realize this are un-informed and ignorant.

Re: What's the Best Vapor Barrier for a Concrete Slab?

Hey, what's with the spam posts about buying t-shirts and shoes?

This is a Homebuilding website not a place to promote someone's website for buying knock off junk.

Someone notify the webmaster here.