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Remodelers Friend

Remodelers Friend

As a kid, one of my first jobs on the construction site was pulling nails out of scrap lumber.  Soon I graduated to demolition, and my dad showed me how to use the slide hammer nail...

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Re: Young Welsh Couple Ordered to Tear Down 'Hobbit House'

I'm a Building Inspector, and I have a real problem with the direction Code has gone over the decades. Code development is driven at least in part by insurance companies that want to protect their profits by requiring that structures be built to withstand every natural disaster imaginable. At what point does govt./society realize that stuff happens, and that sometimes it's just bad luck? It's getting to the point where the average middle class family cannot afford to have a basic custom home built due to the costs of permitting, engineering, and special required materials that are manufactured for the profit of a few at the expense of the environment. Govt. and insurance co's will have all of us average folks living in homogenized mass housing manufactured by the wealthy before long. I say people have the right to build themselves basic shelter. If they can make it happen without a mortgage, then they don't need insurance. If the house won't sell because it's not insurable or equitable, too bad. It was built for shelter, not for profit. If it blows over or falls down in a natural disaster, well then that's just bad luck and maybe they'll learn to build better in order to protect their own interests next time. And if people die in their own shelter during a natural disaster, well that's just the way of life. We've all got it coming, and the sooner we come to peace with that, the happier we'll be. It looks to me like this couple built themselves an economical and efficient home that is also very artistic and appealing. Good for them. May they enjoy their lives in it.

Re: Builders Promote the All-American House

In 2001-12 I managed a federally funded public works project that had "Buy America" requirements for all products containing steel. It was a very suprising experience to realize how difficult it was to find American made steel products. But in the end we met the goal, and it raised the awareness level of all of us who worked on the project. Many of us are now wearing only American made jeans, work shirts, boots, etc:. My wife checks where every food product is made at the grocery store and only buys American products. I look at the origin of almost everything I buy now and go out of my way and am perfectly willing to spend a little more for American made. This is the no-brainer answer to our nations economic situation. We need to create demand for American products. I am so glad to see the homebuilding industry stepping up to the plate for the good ole USA.

Re: Froe-zen In Time

OK, You Win!

Re: Play Fine Homebuilding's Game "The Inspector"

I like the improvements to the game. As a western building inspector, I really don't know jack about colonial architecture, but it's still fun all the same. Sometimes I wish there was a link to the answers because I can't find them all. Please keep the challenges coming!

Re: Millers Falls Breast Drill No 97

This thing is sweet. Not only is it two speed, but it's variable speed as well. I get a laugh out of people who have forgotten about hand tools. Yankee screwdrivers, push drills, and even hammers have become things of the past. I guess you could say acutal carpenters are becoming few and far between as well. How many modern day framers could actually cut a 2x10 accuratley with a hand saw?

Re: Play Fine Homebuilding's Game "The Inspector"

I am a building inspector, and this game kicks my ass. Seriously, how am I to tell that the chimney is not flashed properly from a photo taken @ ground level from so far away? I'm here to tell you though, that the door to the basement needs a landing. I don't know how many points I lost clicking on the door and threshold.
It looks like the house is in snow country, in which case there should be snow splitters @ the vents & flues on the roof.