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Re: Online Reviews Can Hurt Contractors and Homeowners

Yes, the construction/renovation business has many shady characters. Contracts, change orders, and COMMUNICATION are all required. My biggest problem is the 'bad' customer. The one we've all had at least once. They sign the contract, they sign the change orders, approve everything and then refuse to pay, or all of a sudden, they don't like anything and want it all done over again. There should be a list just like angies list or yelp to list all these 'bad' customers so that good contractors don't get stuck with them.

Re: UPDATE: Ultimate Miter-Saw Stand -- And the Winner is...

I've got an ancient Delta 10" Sidekick slider mounted on a 2 year old Bosch stand. I like my saw, tough, durable, just about immortal. Still pretty accurate after 15 years! My stand is strong, stable, and has absolutely no side storage at all. It has the adjustable fourth leg for level on an unlevel surface. However, I have to dismount the saw from the stand to take anything anywhere. Outfeeds are okay, but don't try to cut anything bigger than a 2x4 without extra outfeed supports. Dust extraction consists of a large lathe hood I put on a portable base. My ideal stand would have side shelves and drawers, cause you can never have enough flat places to put the stuff you need to build stuff! I would also like better a built in dust hood that adapts to the saw angles, is portable without a major 'takeapart' and has it's own power hookups. This saw system mostly lives in my shop these days as business has dropped off substantially, so now there's shelves under it and large flat areas behind and above it for 'stuff'. But still, there's room for improvement!