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Re: Tool-Test Preview: Compact Compressors

I recently purchased the Makita Mac700 based primarily on reviews I read in the last test of these little compressors. I see that it is not being tested in this article.

Whats up??

Re: UPDATE: Ultimate Miter-Saw Stand -- And the Winner is...

A very good miter saw stand for me would have:
Cord storage
Ability to adjust rest from the saw position instead of walking to the end of the board.
Built in electrical connection.
Ability to store at least one spare blade and wrench.
Hydraulic lift and fold.
At least 8" wheels.
Spot to hold measuring tape and assorted pencils.
A rail on the bottom to slide the folded stand with saw on it up onto my tailgate. This would save me from having to lift the saw and stand cold.
Very light and very stable.

I have 4 miter saws but only one stand. A cheap model that I got on sale for less than $80. I have looked and studied trying to find something worthwile but have not found one worth the extra money. It's my opinion that most are designed by draftsmen, not carpenters or woodworkers.Most seem to be designed around the idea of a folding ironing board table.

Please, please come up with something well designed and worth investing in that will assist my work.

Re: 16-g. Nailer Giveaway

16 nailers
17 features
My favorite is the Bostich as well. I have it as well as a Porter Cable and another rear loading nailer with no identifying name. The Bostich is nice because of the side loading and oil-less. never had a jam with the Bostich despite pushing it hard.


Re: 16-g. Nailer Giveaway

16 nailers
17 features