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Re: Make Your Blowtorch Safe

Kudos on the camping supply tip - leaves you with a more stable and a more COMPACT propane bottle! One other suggestion for those hard to reach and more challenging locations use a flex line attachment (gas rated) on your bottle and torch, you'll find life a whole lot easier.


If you didn't notice it, you probably weren't paying attention! -rrm

Re: How to Keep Noise Under Control

3r1j1c ---- is CORRECT the 'resilient' or 'sound bar' is in fact installed upside down! I would also suggest several other techniques to include in order to make this a really effective sound barrier in walls or ceilings;
1)using some form of rock wool sound insulation such as ROXUL 'sound and safe' or a similar material rather that the standard fiberglass insulation you have indicated.
2)utilizing a soundproofing flooring underlay cut and attached continuously to the 'resilient bar' between the final 1/2" drywall and the 'bar' itself. Use an acoustically rated underlay, this would mitigate the transmission of sound vibrations through the 'bar and into the drywall through the studs/joists. This practice has been used in Europe for more than a decade or so and has proven to be very effective. Alas, over here on this side of the Atlantic you must fabricate it yourself. It will only take an hour or so for a labourer to prepare enough sound bar with acoustical membrane for around 1500-2000 ft2 by simply using a cutting jig to create strips the width of the 'bar and applying along the entire length by using a high grade spray adhesive to attach it to the lower side of the 'bar' itself.


Re: What's Wrong With This Picture?

I am not sure which universe the architect dwells in but I would agree with 'otapias' that a properly designed/fabricated steel plate hanger must and should be used in this case. The support point is the foremost concern and its aesthetics are not. If the aesthetics are the factor, remove the beam and redefine the space. The critical question is the 'structural' adequacy of the support face for the beam. As an former instructor of Building Technologies and a designer of structures both residential and commercial,I would endeavor to ensure structural integrity.This is not a situation for a simple generic hanger. There are many aesthetic considerations in any structure, but in the end it is the integrity of the structure itself that rules.


Re: Framing Tips - How to Straighten a Wall

as an example! if I had to redefine a wall that I had made after as your video shows attaching to joists of an upper floor I would just lay down my hammer and choose another career.

Re: Truss Bracing? We Don't Need No Stinking Truss Bracing!!!

This is just another example of the common practices in a very huge part of residential construction today: the job is not one of integrity, nor professionalism, it's all about the bottom line dollar of profit and the attitude of "it's good enough". Sad for me to say this; but a majority of contractors operate not on quality but quantity of bucks, and so it is buyer/home-owner beware. Go to Southern Alberta and just drive by the homes being built for the ignorant purchaser, or look at the majority of self-proclaimed builders/renovator contractors in any burg anywhere in North America and you will find a whole lot worse than this! Makes it hard to compete, when what your competitive contractor offers is so sweet sounding by word and dollars and yet most of them deliver a disaster in waiting. Those of us that deliver on a reasonable dollar get shanghaied by those that don't deliver or those that charge outrageous rates by promoting and ensuring standards that should and could be done in the first place by any self-respecting designer or builder as something exceptional, special and unique. It's all pretty disgusting.


Re: Vapor Barriers Are a Good Thing, Right?


I would empirically and experentialy be driven to the fact that all living things breathe, not by artificial means but by the simple act of transpiration. Why it it so difficult for most designers, builders and code writers to wrap their heads around this simple concept? Heat sinks or mass energy retention with real transpiration dynamics are an obvious 'research' area to go into and explore. And with that thought why do the building industries; be it residential, commercial, or industrial continue to deny the reality of the specific climatic criteria of a given "zone" and pretend that 'ONE' size fits all?
There are a multitudes of zones and each with their particular/individual criteria and demands. I for one would suggest that the search be for natural system(s) that are flexible enough in terms of adjustments to fulfill both heating and cooling requirements - cognizant of the unique and individual climatic zones. It is sad that in our modern quest/denial we have overlooked that they figured 'IT' out, many centuries if not millennium ago for a great many of the various and unique climatic regions across and around this planet. Why do the ''ADVISORS'' continue to refuse the wisdom of design and the building materials of the many builders that proved their abilities, knowledge and efficiencies long before we arrived within our so-called scientific analysis era. An extremely inconclusive and exclusive 'HUMAN ANALYSIS' that has yet to be proven in 'any' human field of endeavor as a successful or sustainable mode of interaction between our own human-driven life-style/energy demands and our one and only planets' (EARTH) ecosystem.
I am deeply concerned that your advocacy of high tech solutions that advocate very high-energy embodiment/footprints in terms of production,promotion, transportation, maintenance, with very short electronic lives (before replacement) will only serve to disconnect we very frail humans from the reality of the climates and the very ecosphere we are so fortunate to inhabit. The introduction of systems that remove us by means of automated/and environmentally demanding 'techno-illogical' products and controls only further serve to disconnect us from the real local environments we live in. And I am convinced through my years of study,research,and teaching that these artificial circuit breakers will only jeopardize our survival as a species. It is my opinion that the more we isolate by technological means, avoid direct interaction/control within our homes and workplaces we will continue to deny the the lessons learned long ago, our energy demands will continue to grow and as a result our lives, our environment and one the ONLY spaceship we have will suffer to the point of having to remove our kind from its list of passengers! Sailing on without us.

Regards, smalld

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