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Re: How to Paint Fiber-Cement Siding

I work as a painter in "high-end" new construction, and as I've watched the quality of work go down, down, down on our houses, I've always turned to Fine Homebuilding to show me that the job can still be done correctly.

However, this video really bothered me. Pro painter Jim Lacey? Is that a plastic handle brush? What about painting the bottom edge of the siding? Why are you brushing the entire wall in the first place? Furthermore, when caulking the siding to the corner boards, we've always caulked the bottom edges of the siding as well instead of just the vertical, otherwise water could still get in.

I'm not saying you aren't a pro and I know that sometimes you have to make crappy videos that dumb everything down for homeowners, but come on; it shouldn't mean you have to cut corners, especially in a FHB video. Leave that to the custom home builders using the cheapest labor and materials possible.