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Re: Builder Websites in the Dark Ages

...Like FHB online can't handle the exceptionally rare "Android" operating system, when it comes to the Electronic version of the magazine. Its not like anyone USES ANYTHING but Apple products is it ?

Re: Larry Haun (1931-2011)

What a rotten year this is. So many legends have passed. Larry's articles were always the first thing I read in FHB, so grounded and clear.

He'll be missed by everyone in the FHB community.

A great loss, but a great life.


Re: Log Cabin Nightmare

Are inspections NOT mandatory in the USA ? Here in the UK, you can't break ground without an inspector watching. You HAVE to be inspected every inch of the way here.


Re: Play Fine Homebuilding's Game "The Inspector"

As an English player in this forum, this weeks electrical quiz is a stinker, most of what's permitted in the picture is illegal here ! Wire nuts are completely forbidden in our code for a start. Links in earths, not terminated in a permanent terminal are also illegal.