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Re: How to Convert a Closet into a Laundry Room

I wanted to do this over five years ago, in our present house. We had a badly placed utility room in our kitchen, dining room area. I demoed the walls and asked a custom cabinet maker to design a finished kitchen cabinet to fit in with the kitchen, since I was busy doing other work.

The idea was, the utilities were there and no one would be dining in the kitchen when the laundry was being done. When closed and possibly running, the kichen would have a finished look.

He passed. He had a Norm Abram workshop (one to die for), but no imagination. I eventually accomodated the same idea later without him.

In another house, we designed the washer, dryer to code, and put it in a raised center island. A finished, rear cabinet door set allowed for unlimited access to utilities. the washer/dryer, just had to be one of those flat topped, front end loader types.

Lowe's had the finished cabinet designs to make it all work and the designers with the creativity to put all the building block designs together.