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Texas Tansu - Stackable Office Chests

Texas Tansu - Stackable Office Chests

A set of stackable 'tansu' chests with drawers, doors and adjustable shelves. Made with contrasting woods, the primary material is oak plywood, with walnut face frames and oak drawer fronts and...

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Re: How To Save a Miscut Board From the Scrap Bin

Too bad, sounds like an AFD joke, but couldn't get it to play. It so happens that if the browser addon "Do Not Track" is enabled for FHB's website (of which I am a paid member) FHB won't allow their videos to play. Disable the addon, no problem.

I can understand the necessity of an ad revenue stream to keep things going, but apparently it's screw you if you prefer not to have your every move tracked, even though you have already paid for the privilege of viewing the content.

Keep this up, Fine Homebuilding Magazine, and there will not be a next time ... at least from this quarter.

FWIW, the following 13 tracking entities track every single visit _you_ make to the video url:

Comscore Beacon Blocked
ShareThis Blocked
Brightcove Blocked
Google Adsense Blocked
Quantcast Blocked
Netratings Site Census Blocked
Doubleclick Blocked
Google Analytics
Google +1 Blocked
Facebook Connect
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Re: Remodeler's shop layout: designing for workflow and flexibility

Almost identical endeavor when moving my shop back to a smaller, more convenient location earlier this year:


I do miss the 200 square I gave up for "convenience" and ready access, but since I do rent additional storage space on an as needed basis for kitchen jobs and larger remodels, it works better than the small size indicates.

Re: How to Make Your Kitchen Look Better and Work Harder on a Budget

"Oops! We're sorry, but we can't seem to find the page you are looking for."

Still not working!