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Re: Getting on board with fire sprinklers

I agree, just another mandate rammed down our throats buy government bureaucrats. All the facts are never revealed just those that support their side. Environmentalist's and big government are killing this country. Let's find some common sense people.

Recently in our area a contractor was denied passage for one backhoe (by the BLM) on a road because a red tail hawk had a nest 50 feet off the road. A week later an off road race passed the same area with over a hundred gas guzzling, dust making, ear deafening 4 wheel desert racers.

Who's pockets were they in?

Re: Titanium hammers up for grabs. Want one?

If you can't hit the nail you shouldn't be using a hammer! During 27 years of teaching building trades students, I have seen numerous hammer tracks--some don't matter.

Those that do get owner signatures. To prevent future tracks students place their fingers in strategic positions to protect delicate work (such as window frames). It is amazing how quickly students learn to just hit the nail. Never had a serious injury from a hammer on delicate work or student fingers since.

A few years back several of my students were lucky enough to get Stilleto hammers. They love them, although I wouldn't use a wood handled hammer for demolition or heavy nail pulling, save that for your estwing.

Contrary to some opinions--lighter is better and can drive nails just as fast. So why would you use a 22 oz. or heavier hammer when a 14 oz. will do the same? Go figure...

I am not in a race and prefer to save my arms from fatigue and wear received from steel handled hammers.