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Re: How to Finish Drywall and Not Make a Total Mess

Does this trowel work only if the wall is fairly good or can you work out humps and hollows ,assuming like yourself taping is not my forte

Re: Install a Prehung Exterior Door

This video while interesting is of no use to anyone who does not know how to hang such a door ,it should be called how to hang a door when everything is in the same plane ,the walls are plumb and the sill is level, this does not help anyone in the slightest trying to perform this skill , also screws every 12 in. In the brick moulding ,the painter must love that ,totally unnecessary

Re: How to Keep Your Saw Plugged In

There is a much better way that we have used for many years and that is to join the cords with electrical tape which also helps if the cord gets wet which happens a lot on big concrete jobs