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Re: Attention Contractors: Your Lead-Paint Certification Deadline is Approaching

I took the training in Jan. Some of it was common sense dust control and you can tell most of it was written by someone who has never been on a job. I still don't know what I'm going to do with a 16 foot painted trim board. It has to be disposed of in sealed plastic bags, and you can't cut it with a power saw.

It all stems from HUD and all the crap they did wrong in the 80s and 90s--actually causing lead poisoning. But they still think in terms of rent-assisted housing--Try telling a homeowner you're going to wet mop her 100-year old parquet floor.

They claim a study shows the rule will add $137 on avg to a job. I'd say more like $300 to $400 on a kitchen remodel. $100 in plastic alone.

I know how it'll be enforced. There will still be a thousand guys doing whatever they want, but those of us who got trained, try to do it right and sent $300 to the EPA for the privelege of being audited will get fined for forgetting to cross a "t" two and a half years earlier.

Re: 2009 Deck Code Changes - Pay Attention!

OK, what if your ledger runs parallel to the existing floor joists?