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Re: Play Fine Homebuilding's Game "The Inspector"

re: comment about water from the shower getting on the floor in the subject bathroom - in Holland & Germany I used numerous showers (both in homes & hotels) that didn't have either a threshold or a sill to keep water within the shower pan area, and I had mop up the tile floor everytime I showered. Couldn't get any rational explanation as to 'why' they build 'em like that, but it may explain why (many) Europeans do not bathe as often as Americans!

re: floor to ceiling mirror - in my opinion, a gimicky attempt to double the apparant 'size' of the bathroom. (and, who wants to look at themselves while in the shower, or while sitting on the pot?) Furthermore, the mirror would be a bear to keep clean, and may pose a safety hazard, too, esp w/ small kids in the house. Ain't hi-tech & trendy style just grand!

As for the photographer & their camera not visable in the image - perhaps they were 'photo-shopped' out of that image before beit was downloaded on here??

re: blocking in one-piece fiberglass & acrylic shower enclosures - there should be sufficient blocking for mounting garb/assit bars & handles, but most do not have them. Absolutely needed for the elderly and the physically challenged!

Enjoy the Inspection Games, and I got a 1200 'cause I just went thru a similar project while recently remodeling a home that should have had blocking in all of those places, but lacked some of them. . .Blocking is cheap, easy, and only the lazy and/or dumb don't do it. . .