Bosch - 1677M Circular Saw - Fine Homebuilding Tool Review
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1677M Circular Saw

Bosch - 1677M Circular Saw

This well-balanced worm-drive saw from Bosch has a unique baseplate with a waffle pattern

$179.00 (As of 1/1/2008)

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User Reviews

Makes the greatest tracksaw. I first saw wormdrive tracksaws at the eurekazone testing center. With front dust collection and few modifications. After testing the Bosch for 15 minutes, I runned to the bosch store and bought a recon. $125.00. I install a moduni base ( moduni stands for modular-univarsal)and the front dust port. I test saws for eurekazone and the bosch worm drive was the best tracksaw CS so far. The rear handle provided more reach than any other saw. Easier to use if you don't have to lift and reset the saw on the tracks. The power/weight on the tracks are very beneficial. In general, I was surprice to see worm drives on the tracks but after using the saw for 15 min. I had to have it. The blade stops like a saw with an electric brake and the the noice levels much lower than sidewinders with universal motors..... david

I have used several different saws over the many years and I would put this as my favorite. The feature that puts this saw above the mag 77 is the ability to cut 50 degrees. Even though I use 50 degree cuts seldom, the fact that it easily makes a 46 degree cut of which I use for deck fascia and some times barge (some call it varge rafter) and fascia cut, makes the outside cuts perfectly tight.

I have the direct connect version of this saw and I have been pleasntly surprised at how well balanced it is. The power is more than adequate and I like the direct connect system a lot more that I thought I would.

i am a 9 year framer and i have been using the bosch worm drive for about 7. it is the best i have used. it is lighter than others and is ready for use in roof framing. the best improvement so far has been the direct connect feature.

I have owned two different skil 77 the old super duty and the heavy duty, Skil 8 1/4, Skil Mag77, I've used Makitas, dewalts, Skil 6 1/4 and two side winders...The bosch is the best balanced and most erogonomic. The sturdy table invites confidence. I never have to check the tables front end for bending because it would just break to fail. The adjustable stops on the table are great if you wear out or damage the saw and for conficence. My GC boss even agrees; it's the best saw we have ever used and we use saws all day every day. If it says bosch it's usually the best as it's built for the professional with their needs and desires. I've been very pleased with every bosch tool owned or used. Roto drill-hammers, jigsaws, worm drives, drills. This saw is a modified 77 as bosch owns skil. So this is the Skil77 at its best under the Bosch name.

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