Bosch - 4412 Compound-Miter Saw - Fine Homebuilding Tool Review
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4412 Compound-Miter Saw

Bosch - 4412 Compound-Miter Saw

With the exception of carrying it, everything about this sliding compound-miter saw is a joy

$700.00 (As of 9/1/2003)

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User Reviews

I have had one of these saws for over 6 years now and have never had any issues with it. I an a remodler and keep the saw in my trailer year round and haul it to every job site. I focus on trim and hardwood and have only had to tune up my saw a few times in all its travels. I got it with the gravity stand and have loved that as much as the stand. The saw still cuts true and with very little flex in the head (unlike the new axial one that moves like a fish out of water). The only reason I give it a 4 is the blade guard retractor mechanism has worn out twice on me and has been somewhat of a challenge to replace.

After reading a review of the smaller 10" Bosch compound miter saw model 4410L, I bought one. I had aspirations to install crown molding in my house. However, I was never able to make an accurate cut with this saw. Miter cuts were off, 90* cuts were off. After a period of frustration, I packed up the saw and went to the local Bosch repair centre for a tune-up. It did not happen. The tool tech was unable to set it up for accurate cuts. Close was good enough. I called the main office in Vancouver, B.C. and they sent out two service teckies. After making some test cuts they either sent or spoke to the Toronto head office regarding the inaccurate cuts. They later explained the saw was in design tolerance and try to work it out. I have past the crown molding issue and have now shifted my attention to minor cabinetry and built-ins. I had thought you pay for what you get. This is not a cheap saw, least ways not for me and my home hobby shop. I expected more from this saw and from Bosch. Anyone out there have a solution or suggestion?

I purchased this saw in July. During the summer I installed approximatly 5000 feet of 1x8 T&G pine. It is a beautiful saw to use. It is one of the most accurate saws I have owned. The only problem I have with this saw is the saw dust collection system doesn't work. At the end of my project the bag was only 1/4 to 1/2 full the rest of the saw dust was everywhere else. I do mostly trim work, that said if the dust collection sysyem worked I would rate this saw a 5. Because it doesn't I am giving it a 3. I may seem to be a little unfair, however I work in homes that are almost finished and mess that this saw makes can be a problem.

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