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Flexeel Pneumatic Hose

Coilhose Pneumatics - Flexeel Pneumatic Hose

This lightweight but durable pneumatic hose is made of tough but flexible Dacron-polyester-reinforced polyurethane

$95.00 (As of 7/1/2003)

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Editor's Review: Lightweight Pneumatic Hose

review date: July 1, 2003

After nearly 20 years of framing and siding, I've used just about every type of pneumatic hose out there. The red rubber ones were too heavy, the yellow and blue ones wouldn't roll out on a cold day, and the black rubber hose got hung up even on flat surfaces.

Then I heard about Flexeel hoses. What a difference. First, I bought 3/8-in. hoses, and the weight difference alone sold me; the gun felt as if it wasn't attached to a hose. I used those for a while, then switched to 1/4-in. hoses, which were even lighter.

These hoses are tough. In five years, they haven't worn through, although once or twice a year I repair the ends. The hose is made of tough but flexible Dacron-polyester-reinforced polyurethane that resembles something you might see in an aquarium. A 100-ft. length of 1/4-in. hose fits easily on the hose reel and rolls out just as easily. Even in the cold, like the recent morning when the temperature was minus 7 degrees F, the Flexeel hoses rolled right out. Spread the hose out when you're using it; if you roll it out in a pile, it can become unruly..

Editor Test Results:

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Manufacturer Specifications

Manufacturer Coilhose Pneumatics
Manufacturer's Web Site
Manufacturer's Phone Number 732-390-8480
Weight N/A
Dimensions 100 ft. long; 1/4 in. wide