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SFH18-A 18v Hammer Drill-Driver

Hilti - SFH18-A 18v Hammer Drill-Driver

$400.00 (As of 1/1/1900)

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User Reviews

You're right, toolgirl, the error in the torque rating came direct from the Hilti instruction manual, though. It was only after testing/writing up the tool that I found the (max)torque to be 750. Turns out the manual lists the (soft)torque, which is a bit different. And yes, I did drill large diameter holes, hammer drill into concrete, driving screws, etc, etc. I don't think it's a bad tool by any means, but it's my job to weigh it in comparison with the other tools in the same category, and I felt that it fell a little short of the competition. But that's the beauty of a user review - to each their own!

Your article appears to have some bias and some mistatments of fact. I was in the Home Depot and the salesmen told me the torque was 750, the most of any tool on the market. He said the weight was 5.7 lbs. I drilled with the tool and it impressed me. Did you drill large diameter holes with the tool?

Great torque, highest power on the market in my opinion. It also have the best warranty I have ever seen. 2 years on the batteries, charger and batteries. I dropped mine and they replaced it at the Hilti store. Can't beat that!