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33618 Cordless Drill

Bosch - 33618 Cordless Drill

This comfortable and well-balanced 18v cordless drill from Bosch changes easily from forward to reverse

$240.00 (As of 3/1/2003)

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User Reviews

I thought I was buying a pro quality tool that would last longer than the dewalt I had before (the dewalt lasted me almost 2 years). I was okay with the added weight over the dewalt because I figured I would get used to it and it was built better (my thought process was heavier = higher build quality). I have gotten this drill replaced once under warranty and then the replacement was repaired twice - again under warranty - in just under a year. The gears in the chuck clutch are GARBAGE! They seem to strip if you look at them. I have given up on this drill and although I could get it repaired yet again I won't. I bought a dewalt 18v to replace it and the dewalt has been running strong. DON'T BUY THIS PIECE OF GARBAGE!

VERY POOR..... Design-POOR Now let me qualify that. I thought I was 'moving up' from my Makita, De-Walt and Chicago cordless drills to the Lithium Ion Bosch. The drill performs well but, one of the major reason I bought the drill was the added feature of the LED light. WRONG! The light is mounted below the body of the case just above the trigger. Result- it makes a circle of light that DOES NOT SHOW THE 'Point of Operation'. (Where the drill bit, Phillips head supplied bit or common straight tip meets the work). All you end up with is a light just below where you want and need the light! I contacted Bosch and their answer is there is 'nothing wrong with the design' ! They refuse to acknowledge this and offer no solution whatsoever other than, buy the more expensive model (some $90 more). Other brands I now have found out such as Rigid, Milwaukee(sp) and others DO NOT HAVE THIS PROBLEM. Now you thing that one of the top of the line tool manufacturers (which is what I thought I bought) would have discovered this long ago and come up with a remedy! NOT. Yet, they advertise this is a NEW tool but yet has been around for a very long time and state there is nothing wrong with the design and that I in fact, am the first complainant! I am returning the tool after their staunch position of refusing to acknowledge a bad design and refusal to do anything other than have me spend more money when in fact I can buy another for the same price range ($180). Bad, bad PR guys! You have lost me as a user of Bosch tools. Lee in Texas

Ive gone through 2 of these this year. Not very impressed