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DLR165 Laser Measure

Bosch - DLR165 Laser Measure

The Bosch DLR165 has the basic functionality needed from a laser measure but lacks many of the useful features of others in its class

$118.00 (As of 11/1/2008)

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User Reviews

Great unit! Very accurate and easy to use. I use it for many applications. Perfect for estimating square footages of rooms for material estimate. I've used it for measuring crown moulding installations and is a more accurate means than a tape measure for lengthy rooms. It's a perfect tool for accurate trim work in my opinion sometimes when a tape measure cannot get into corners for measuring.

I bought this one because of its no frills approach. I use this unit mostly for rough field measurements in my Morton building. Length Width and Height. Then I take those measurments back to the office and draw the plans using these measurments.