Bosch - CS20 Circular Saw - Fine Homebuilding Tool Review
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CS20 Circular Saw

Bosch - CS20 Circular Saw

This circular saw from Bosch offers several unique and useful features

$140.00 (As of 12/1/2004)

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User Reviews

I wanted to give this saw 2.5 stars. I like the rafter hook and the fact that it plugs directly into a two-prong extension cord. The ratcheting adjustments were hard to get used to at first, but you know that your settings will stay put after you crank it. Motor sounds good and isn't extremely loud. Good cut-line visibility Now I can tell you why I wont ever buy one again. If it had a metal baseplate, it would be the best saw I ever bought. The composites seem to lose square and parrallel quicker than the metal baseplates. I think it might be because all of the attachments between the motor housing and baseplates are composite as well. A blade that is not parallel to the plate not only makes for crooked cuts, but is dangerous as well--better chance for kick-back. I was able to shim it out with fender washers and get it back to parrallel, but it was so crooked I had to use three washers and now the depth adjustment gets stuck. The saw is still useable, I had it for awhile before I noticed the problem, and I think it was a drop that knocked it out of parrallel.

3 i am a bosch guy but and love there worm drive but there sidewinder is not so hot it not well balanced. i ended up returning it and getting dewalt 369sk its way lighter powerful and easier to use granted the hook is awsome but for my money the dewalt is the way to go

The saw is lighter than others and the composite base plate makes it easy to line up a cut. I was a little dubious about how that aspect would hold up over a metal plate but it has held up OK. The slip clutch has saved me from several instances of kickback- A good feature. Power is fine with the 15AMP motor. I like the concept of having just a male plug and no attached cord. I use a 25' #14 wire cord. I recently spent a couple of wasted hours replacing a cord on another saw that someone managed to cut in pieces with the saw. The composite lever that is used to loosen the lock that controls the depth of cut is indeed strong but useless if it falls off. The lever is a spring loaded release lever that is ratcheted to tighten or release for depth. The retaining gizmo that holds the lever in place fell off and the lever no longer stays on. I have to keep it in my pocket and adjust the depth and then safe it back in my pocket. Pain in the neck. Other than the lever problem it is my go to saw for use other than in the shop. Typical Bosch quality.

Great saw have had this one for about 5 years, the only downside is the composite base plate. I found the base plate extorts over time, meaning tends not to be 100% flat any more? not sure why but a metal basplate would be a great upgrade.

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