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LaserMark 57-LM800DI Rotary Laser Level

CST/Berger - LaserMark 57-LM800DI Rotary Laser Level

CST/Berger's automatic self-leveling rotary laser is designed for interior and exterior use

$980.00 (As of 1/1/2007)

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User Reviews

All CST Berger LaserMark lasers are built well. A rotary laser gives you the range that a line generator laser can't. If you pour concrete, build homes, install pipe, a laser level is a must-have.

This is an excellent level. It provides more options than most builders will use. It has one drawback. The rechargeable battery will not provide a day’s work. The older levels we used provided several days work on a battery charge. It is a real bummer when you have equipment working on a remote sight and the battery goes dead on the level.