D55155 Air Compressor - Fine Homebuilding Tool Review
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D55155 Air Compressor

DeWalt - D55155 Air Compressor

The best features of this pancake compressor from DeWalt are its sleek design and low weight

$325.00 (As of 4/1/2006)

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User Reviews

I have had one of these compressors for 3 years now and have too many problems with it to consider getting another one. The cord is sub-par and brittle in our cold northern Canadian climate, it was replaced the first winter. I have replaced the PRV twice and the manifold once. The unit is left secure in my trailer and rarely taken out unless doing work indoors. I would NOT recomend this unit.

Rating = Poor. I bought one of these last summer and loved it. It was very quiet and easy to use, and had more than enough power. It was a dream to use, and extremely portable. I used it for about 15 hours over a number of days, and then put it away for a short while. I was diligent in my shut-downs, and always drained the tank when I put it away. When I got it out againac ouple of weeks later, it failed. The motor smelled, it ran very loudly, and then it shut down. No problem, as it was early in the warranty, right? Wrong. The manufacturer would not honour the warranty, and I was stuck with a noisy, smelly compressor that didn't work - after only 15 hours of easy use. Luckily for me, my supplier stuck by me and he replaced the compressor himself, at his cost. Needless to say I did not get another Dewalt, and my supplier does not carry them anymore. The product seems well made, but it is not. And any manufacturer that will not stand by their product does not make a product that I wish to purchase.

I do not have this compressor. But I see the name Emglo along with Dewalt on the tank. I do have a twin tank Emglo that I purchased new in 1992 that has worked flawlessly. It is reasonably quiet and exceptionally reliable. I use it exclusivly for powering nail guns and religeously follow operating and maintenance instructions. I let a neighbor borrow it once but along with the compressor came me and my power cords. I used it extensively for building in the 90's and now for small jobs. It looks and sounds new. If this Dewalt compressor is actually built by Emglo, i would recommend it.

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